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2024 WTS International Annual Conference Program

Below is a preliminary look the the 2024 Conference Agenda. Please note all programming will take place in Central Time. Times noted below are subject to change. A preliminary schedule in PDF format is available here

Program updates and additional information, including session titles, speakers, and locations, are available on the Conference Mobile App.


#WTSAC2024 Technical Sessions will focus on five major themes:


Collaborating on Resiliency and Funding in Transportation (Technical) 

Our ability to be influential and impactful hinges on cultivating the value of teamwork. This stands true within both our organization and our industry. The culture of collaboration is particularly relevant related to resiliency and funding. Resiliency is the ability of communities and transportation systems to adapt and recover from shocks or stresses without compromising long-term prospects for development. Funding options are complex, as they are offered in varying capacities at the international, federal, state, regional, and local levels. 

Navigating New Technology in Transportation (Technical) 

Innovation and data will drive the future of mobility. We embrace change as proof that we are making progress. While “electric cars” once referenced streetcars, today the term “electric vehicles” is in weekly headlines regarding the future of transportation. Alongside electric vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) and Smart Mobility play an important role in the development of our industry. This track seeks to bring together experts in current and emerging technologies that do and will make a difference in the transportation industry. 


Career Development and Management Solutions (Leadership) 

As professionals in the transportation industry, we strive to continually improve ourselves and our community. We recognize that women are continuing to raise the bar for leadership expectations and that the transportation industry must respond appropriately. This track seeks abstracts that are focused on career building at multiple stages of development from early career through executive management. 


Inclusivity and Equity in Transportation (Technical) 

As transportation professionals, we strive to seek fairness in mobility and accessibility for everyone in our community. Equity is a way to frame concerns in relation to how social, economic, and government institutions shape the distribution of transportation benefits and burdens in society. 


Connecting to the Future of Transportation: Discussions with Students 

WTS International is excited to deliver a “Discussions with Students” Track for our 2024 Conference. 

Students are the future of the transportation industry. We look to integrate panels, workshops, poster sessions, and WTS Talks to engage student and professional attendees and their views regarding the key elements of the conference theme. The goal of the student track is to engage student members and working professionals to understand the current state of the transportation industry and suggest initiatives to move the industry forward.